Why Perimeter Training for Your Pet Is Essential

A dog sitting in some grass.

A dog that spends most of its time cooped up indoors needs opportunities to exercise to protect its physical and mental health. Taking your dog for walks on a leash may allow it to get some exercise, but it won’t let your dog run, jump, play, and explore in a way that can promote optimal overall health.

Your dog may be much healthier and happier if you give it chances to run and play unencumbered by a leash. Setting up a hidden dog fence on your property can give your dog the freedom to exercise in its own way while keeping your pet in your yard and away from potential dangers. For a hidden dog fence to be successful, your dog will have to undergo perimeter training.

How a Hidden Dog Fence Works

A hidden fence can be either wireless or in-ground. Though the two types work differently, either can allow you to designate a specific area where your dog is permitted to go and keep it from venturing into places where it may face cars and other dangers. If your dog tries to cross the predefined boundary, it will receive a shock from its collar letting it know that it has ventured too far.

Why Perimeter Training Is Necessary When Using a Hidden Dog Fence

Since a hidden fence isn’t visible, your dog will have to learn where the boundaries are located so it can understand where it is and is not permitted to go. Perimeter training can use a series of voice commands and flags to teach your dog where the boundary lines lie so your pet will learn to stay within them.

Training takes just minutes per day, and most dogs are fully trained in a week to ten days. Once your pet has learned where the boundaries are and understands that it must respect them, you will be able to set your dog loose in the yard without having to worry that it might go somewhere it shouldn’t.

Get a Quote for a Hidden Dog Fence

DogWatch sells several models of hidden dog fences that are designed to suit the needs of specific pets, pet owners, and properties. With a hidden fence, you will be able to define the boundary to suit the design of your yard and your needs and preferences. For example, if you want your dog to have the freedom to run around the backyard, but you want to keep it out of a garden, the boundary lines can be set accordingly.

One of our experienced trainers can work with you and your pet to teach your dog to respect the boundary. Our trainers have experience working with dogs of many breeds and personality types. Contact us today to learn more.