The Differences Between Wireless and In-Ground Dog Fences


A hidden dog fence can keep your pet on your property without the need for a physical barrier that will block the view. If you do some research on hidden dog fences, you will find that they fall into two categories: wireless and in-ground. It’s important to understand the differences between them so you can select the type that’s best for your needs.

How Wireless and In-Ground Dog Fences Work

A wireless fence will give your dog a static correction if its collar no longer picks up a signal from the transmitter. That can happen if your dog ventures outside its boundary, but it can also occur if something between the transmitter and your dog, such as a hill, blocks the signal. A metal object or building can also interfere with the collar’s ability to pick up the signal from the transmitter.

Wireless signals can be inconsistent. That means that the exact parameters of your dog’s boundary may change due to fluctuations in the signal.

If a wireless fence wouldn’t work for you, an in-ground fence may be the right option. A boundary wire can emit a signal and activate your dog’s collar whenever it picks up the signal. Since the boundary wire is underground, interference isn’t an issue.

Areas Hidden Dog Fences Can Cover

A wireless fence can cover a circular boundary area, usually up to 25 acres. If you have a large property or one with an irregular shape, a wireless fence may not be the right choice.

An in-ground fence can be customized to suit the unique layout of your property and your specific needs. The boundary wire can be laid in a way that allows your dog to go into certain areas and keeps it out of others. An in-ground dog fence can cover a larger area than a wireless fence (generally up to 100 acres).

Set-up and Maintenance

A wireless fence is easy to set up. If you take your dog with you somewhere else, such as a vacation house, you can take the wireless system with you and use it there. Installing an in-ground fence is more difficult and time-consuming, but you may decide that it’s worth it due to the ability to customize the boundary area.  

Maintaining a wireless dog fence is simple and straightforward. You will just have to replace or recharge the collar’s battery and may have to replace other components from time to time.

If you choose an in-ground system and the boundary wire breaks, it will have to be repaired. First, you’ll have to locate the site of the break, which can be challenging.

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