Staying Safe Outdoors This Summer: Tips for Your Pup


Summer safety is a topic that’s regularly discussed as the season kicks off this time of year. We’ve all heard the standard rules of safety around pools and the need to apply sunblock. But when it comes to our four-legged family members there are additional hazards to consider as you spend more of your time outside.

Here are some tips for staying safe while outdoors with your dog this summer.

1.      Stay in Clean, Dry and Well Shaded Areas

Whether you’re heading to a beach or going for a long walk to enjoy the weather, it’s important to protect your pet along the way. Not only does the hot asphalt cause issues for their paws, but stay clear of damp areas where leaked antifreeze or broken glass shards from a dropped bottle might be present. Since heat exhaustion is very common in dogs, choose days when it’s not so hot out to take them for an adventure, or always keep fresh, cold water nearby so they can cool off and hydrate.

2.      Not All Dogs Can Swim

Summer is the perfect season to sit by a pool and relax. Whether you have one in your very own backyard or are visiting a home that does, keep in mind that if your pup hasn’t been in the water before there is a drowning risk. While there is a natural instinct to paddle in the water to stay afloat, dogs aren’t able to swim at an advanced level if they haven’t been taught or had exposure to the element before. Certain breeds are also not built to swim and will require a life vest to stay afloat.

3.      Know Your Surroundings

While traveling to new places comes with its own host of possible hazards, there could be problems creeping around in your own backyard. It’s best to do your research and know what’s outside that has the potential to harm your pet. Either blocking off their access to that area of getting it off of your property is the best bet. For example, there are many forms of fungi that might grow and lead to accidental ingestion by a dog. Some can be fatal. Other grasses and flowers can also make them ill. If you see your dog sniffing and chewing it’s worth investigating.

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