Do Dog Fences Work for Cats?

Hidden fences are popular tools that dog owners use to keep their pets out of danger. Many people don’t realize that hidden fences also work for cats. In fact, cats are the second most common type of animal trained to use DogWatch’s hidden fences.

How a Hidden Fence Can Keep Your Cat Safe

Installing a hidden fence can give your cat the freedom to play and explore outdoors while keeping it away from vehicles, your neighbor’s dog, and other hazards. You’ll be able to let your cat outside without having to worry, knowing that it will be limited to an area that’s safe.

You can make the zone where your cat can go as large or as small as you would like. You might want to give your cat free rein in the yard, or you might want to make some places, such as your garden, off-limits. 

How We Can Teach Your Cat to Stay in the Yard

An underground wire sends a signal to a receiver on a collar that a pet wears. If the animal gets too close to the boundary, it receives a warning signal from the collar. The pet then learns to stay within its designated area.

Cats and dogs learn in different ways, so training techniques have to be modified when working with cats. At first, cats are trained indoors. Once a cat starts to get comfortable with the system, the outdoor fence is activated. Some cats need visual markers showing the location of a boundary longer than dogs do.

DogWatch Massachusetts offers collars and receivers that are small and lightweight so that cats of all sizes can wear them comfortably. We also offer GentleFit™ Contact Posts that minimize friction and make collars more comfortable for cats to wear.

Protect Your Cat with a Hidden Fence

If your cat yearns to play outside and enjoy nature, but you’re worried that it might get hurt, a hidden fence is the solution. You’ll be able to give your cat the freedom it wants and needs while keeping it safe. 

The team at DogWatch Massachusetts can work with you to figure out the best place to set up a boundary and guide you and your cat through the training process. In a short amount of time, your cat will learn where it’s free to play and get used to its new collar.

Contact us today to learn more about our hidden fence systems and to get an estimate.