Transitioning Back to Work Post-COVID: Tips for Your Dog

With nationwide social distancing orders in effect and many states issuing stay at home orders, the last few months have dynamically changed our work and personal lives like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. Even our pets, who may have been used to our regular routine of leaving in the morning and returning hours later to feed them, sleep and repeat. 

Especially if you’re a dog owner, many have been loving the extra time with their owners, sitting near their remote workstations and even spending less time in the crate than ever before. 

As many states reopen any people transition back to work, making this change an easy one for your pet is important. Depending on your dogs age and usual demeanor they may experience loneliness and even separation anxiety when you’re suddenly leaving again. 

Here are some tips for transitioning back to work post COVID-19 that keeps your dog in mind. 

Start Practicing Now 

Sudden changes to a comfortable routine for your dog can be quite uneasy. One of the best ways to transition them back to the old way is to start slowing incorporating different elements back into your days. Even if you’re still at home working, you should designate some time for crating or being separated from you for them to get readjusted. You should also begin your morning routine and walk and feeding schedule now, rather than a sudden shift. 

 Find New Distractions
Dogs can also be easily distracted and appeased with something fun like a new toy or even having the TV on for some background noise. If your dog is not a fan of sitting in a quiet, empty home with no noise or nothing to do, then find some ways to fill those areas and put them at ease. 

Invest in Your Pet’s Freedom 

If you’re heading back to work and want to maintain the freedom your pet has had around the house, consider a wireless containment system. Dogwatch of Western Mass provides a way to set-up indoor perimeters where you dog is allowed to roam or cannot gain access too. You’ll have peace of mind and they’ll be safe until you return! CALL TODAY!