Training Treats to Get Your Pup Obeying in No Time

dog treats

Training a new dog can be tricky. Especially if that dog is new to your home, but older in age. While the saying “you can’t teach a new old dog new tricks” might apply in some scenarios, there are things you can do to get your dog obedient and even doing some fun tricks. 

Treats are key to this process, but you need to choose the right types and understand how to give the treats to them to enforce the training. 

Here are some of the ways you can use treats to get your pup obeying in no time! 

Separate the Treats by Value

While the type of treat your dog enjoys can vary depending on their preferences, you can make progress in the training by separating treats based on their value. Any dog feels especially great should only be given when a difficult multi-step trick or command is completed. As you’re working on getting the dog to realize these steps, you can use the smaller, lower end treats and offer a reward each time they complete an action correctly. 

Keep it Small

Indeed treats are a great way to train dogs. But they can also harm their health if given too much volume. Many treats are rich and can create issues with consuming their regular meals or even cause stomach irritation. It’s best to limit overall treat sizes. You should choose items that are smaller in size and squishy so they can be broken apart and given to the dog throughout the training sessions.

If you’re not able to dedicate the time necessary to train your dog, you can also hire an expert who will come to your home and teach your pup commands. When you purchase our DogWatch wireless fencing systems, you’ll also have an opportunity to get your dog familiar with the new boundaries and trained to respond to them with comfort. 

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