Tips for Soothing Your Dog’s Heat Rash

dog rash itching

The summer weather has been dangerously hot this year in New England. At the time of this post, we’re undergoing a record heatwave and parts of the nation are experiencing temperatures well above 100 degrees. While most dog owners know this weather is not a time to keep the dog outside, go for long walks or even take them for a drive, your dog could still experience problems due to the overall sticky, warm temperatures.

If your dog has a heat rash here are some things you can do to help keep them comfortable. You should always see a vet ensure the rash is irritation and not anything else – but even after they may have prescribed antibiotics or other topical – your dog may still show signs of being itchy or stressed over the rash.

Keep the Area Cool and Dry

While you’re waiting for your dog’s skin to recover, it’s important to help keep the area cool and dry. Anytime they get overheated and moisture sits on their coat and skin, there is the possibility for rashes and irritations to occur. When your dog is in from the outdoors before to give them a cool wipe down with dog wipes.

Stop Scratching & Licking

While your dog might not be able to help himself with all of the itchings and licking to soothe the rash it can lead to more issues so it’s important to keep them distracted or use “the cone” to divert them from the action while it all heals.

Use Topical Creams and Medicine

Depending on how serious the rash – or sometimes the resulting infection can be, your dog may have to take medicine like antibiotics or topical medicines to soothe the rash. If you have prescribed these meds it’s important to take them for the full recommended time to ensure that all infections are cleared up properly.