Tips for a Dog-Friendly Garden

dog garden

Summer weather and picnic season is upon us here on the east coast. After a long, cold winter, most of us have been waiting with anticipation for the time we can spend outdoors soaking up some vitamin D and breathing in the fresh air. Our dogs love the outdoors just as much as we do and are also looking forward to the opportunity to spend more time with you in the yard.

If you adore the outdoors and your yard maybe you even have a garden filled with seasonal vegetables like tomatoes, eggplant and basil which do well in the summer seasons in New England. Maybe you haven’t planted a garden anymore once you noticed your dog wasn’t as respectful of the space as you needed him to be.

There are ways you can plant a dog-friendly garden so both you and your pup can get the full benefits of time outdoors. Here are some tips for planting your garden with your canine friend in mind.

Design Your Garden with Your Dog in Mind

Knowing which flower and brush will suffer from dog marking and avoiding planting those around areas the dog will access is important. Some perennials will continue to thrive regardless, while others will quickly wilt and die from the acidity in dog’s urine.

Be sure to also do your research and choose plants that won’t threaten your dog’s health if ingested. Some plants and even mulch can become toxic if eaten in large amounts. If you can avoid planting those you’ll lower the risk of having an emergency situation arise.

As you’re planning the layout of your vegetable and flower gardens keep your dog’s use of the yard in mind. If you can create a barrier to keep plants out of his way and sight or plant those dangerous and easily wilting items toward the back you may be able to keep a garden with less hassle.

Choose Your Invisible Fencing Layout Carefully

Another terrific choice for safe pet containment is invisible fencing. Not only do you get the protection of a fence to keep a dog within the boundaries of your yard, but you also do it without having to block your view or put up actual fencing.

As you’re designing the layout and perimeters for which to allow the dog to roam freely you can keep the garden area off limits. As an added bonus, your pup will get lots of free space to roam around and play and the more activity time they can get in, the less they’ll be concerned with getting into areas where they don’t belong.

DogWatch of Western Mass is an official provider of the DogWatch Hidden Fence System. From installation of electric fences to training we help ensure your four-legged friend is safe and happy at all times.

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