The Importance of an Invisible Dog Fence

dog running in a dog park

Keeping your dog confined to your yard can protect it from danger. A fence can keep your dog from being hit by a car, getting into a fight with another animal, or wandering off and causing damage to a neighbor’s property. You have several options when it comes to fencing, but an invisible dog fence offers unique advantages compared to a physical barrier.

How an Invisible Dog Fence Works

A radio frequency is broadcast and travels along a cable that is buried in the yard a few inches underground. The cable creates a clearly defined boundary that limits where your dog can go. A receiver in the dog’s collar detects the radio frequency.

If your dog gets close to the boundary line, it will receive a warning via an audible sound or a vibration. If your dog attempts to cross the boundary, it will receive mild stimulation from the collar. The settings are easy to adjust to suit your pet. Your dog will learn where the boundary is located and will learn to stop before reaching that point.

An Invisible Dog Fence Is Easy to Install and Affordable

Installing a physical fence can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, especially if you have a large yard. An invisible dog fence is easier to install, even if it has to cover a large, irregular space or enclose an area with water or woods. It may also cost less than constructing a physical barrier.

An Invisible Dog Fence Won’t Block Your View

If your yard is surrounded by an attractive landscape, you probably don’t like the idea of blocking it with a wood or metal fence. If you decide to install an invisible dog fence, you will still be able to enjoy the view without worrying about your dog escaping and getting into trouble.

An Invisible Dog Fence May Do a Better Job of Keeping Your Dog Confined Than a Physical Fence

Countless homeowners have installed a physical barrier to keep their dog in the yard, then found that their pet simply dug under it to get out. Some dogs may chew a hole in a fence so they can squeeze through, and some may even jump or climb over a fence. With an invisible dog fence, those methods of escape won’t work.

A physical fence can’t keep your dog in the yard if you forget to shut the gate or don’t check to make sure that it latched securely. If you install an invisible dog fence, you won’t have to be concerned about slipping up and having your dog run loose through the neighborhood.

Learn More about Invisible Dog Fence Options

If you have been struggling to figure out how to keep your dog in your yard without blocking the view of the surrounding area, an invisible dog fence is a solution. DogWatch of Western Massachusetts offers several models with a variety of helpful features. Contact us today to learn more.