Pampered Pets Get More Than Just Treats and Belly Rubs

pampered pet

Confession time. How many of you splurge more on your pet than on yourself? If you had to choose between a pricey, organic treat that was good for your dog’s health over yourself would you? You’re not alone. People across the nation are investing heavily in their pets not only for their health but because they’re now more a part of the family unit than ever before.

One recent survey conducted by Bigeye found that there are growing opportunities for those who market products and services for pets today as consumers are now spending $74B on their pets annually.

Another study released by social image site Pinterest has found more people are caring for their pets just as humans than ever before. With searches on the rise for things like “outdoor cat playgrounds” and “dog toilets” it’s no wonder the lines are getting blurred.

Over in the UK, they said over 50 percent of pet parents ages 19-38 said they’d rather cut expenses for themselves than cut back for their pets.

If you love your dog, cat or other pet and want to treat them to some splurge items make sure they’re worth every cent and promote wellness and comfort for your furry friend.

Here are our top suggestions for pampering your pet in ways they’ll actually be grateful for.


Nothing beats a soft, comfortable and dedicated area that’s all their own. Choose a high-end dog bed, one with a Tempurpedic foam inside to really support joints and make laying around as comfortable as possible for your pet.  


You can never go wrong with toys. Since some of the lower end chew toys can end up destroyed quickly, lost or dirty then it’s worth it to get some high quality, pricier items to add to the collection. Today’s connected toys even give pet parents a way to interact with their fur babies while they’re away.


Snacks are the way to just about anyone’s heart. When your pet behaves well or snuggles up for a treat let that delicious item be as healthy as it can be. Choose organic or homemade items cooked with love and much better for your pet’s palette and wellbeing.