New Alerts Feature Added to DogWatch SmartFence WebApp

dogwatch smartfence

One thing we care most about when it comes to assisting with your pet’s freedom is ensuring they are always comfortable and secure in the boundaries you have set. In addition to hidden fence technologies, we also believe in behavioral training and ongoing monitoring for your peace of mind and your pet’s comfort.

Recently, a new feature was rolled out for the DogWatch SmartFence App called Boundary Challenge Alerts. This new option provides text and/or email alerts whenever your dog gets close to the areas marked to be avoided. Getting closer to the boundary of the hidden fence already releases an audible or vibration warning and correction – when this is triggered it will now also issue the new alert notification.

The SmartFence® underground fence system uses patented FM radio technology and mobile connectivity features so your dog will stay safe and happy, and you’ll stay connected at all times.

Other features customers already enjoy as part of the offering include SmartCollar™ alerts, like a Low Battery Alert.

After listening to requests from customers and dealers for features they’d like to see available, this feature was created to not only provide data but also help reveal areas where pets may need some retraining or additional reinforcements. It can even show the frequency and timing of these attempts to get past the boundaries for further investigation of potential events causing the behavior (like a mail person, lawn care company or school bus arrival.)

The new alerts are being automatically rolled out for customers. There will also be a link to easily disable the notifications being sent for Boundary Challenges.

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