How to Keep Your Dog Warm This Winter

dog with jacketYou’re not the only one that gets cold in the winter; your dog does too. When you take your dog for a walk outside, there are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind before venturing out into the cold.

Wintertime Dog Care

Over the winter, there are a few things you should watch out for in your pet. Excessive exposure to cold, for example, can cause your dog’s paw pads to dry out and become chapped or cracked. Consider getting booties for your dog’s feet when walking them outside in the cold, or grab pad moisturizers for your dog. Make sure that you don’t use human moisturizers, since some can be poisonous to your pet if he licks his paws.

When you apply lotion to your pup’s paws, be sure to rub the lotion in and rub between the pads and in between each toe. This way, the paw is thoroughly coated.

Winter Walks with Your Dog

If you’re taking your dog out for a walk during colder temperatures, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, make sure to avoid metal. In urban areas, sometimes metal has corroded electrical wires hidden underneath. If your dog touches a piece of metal with old wires that has moisture from snow, then he may get a shock.

In addition, you’ll want to keep your dog away from snow drifts unless it’s in a safe area. This is largely because snowdrifts form rapidly over objects, which means that your dog could inadvertently jump on a hazardous object and hurt himself.

In addition, don’t let your dog eat snow, especially if you’re in an urban or suburban area. Anti-freeze, salt, and other compounds may be mixed in with the snow, which may make your dog sick. Not only that, but there may be items hidden in the snow that could be harmful if swallowed.

Dog Winter Wear

If you have a short-haired or small dog, you’ll want to make sure that they cover up in the winter. Consider a small sweater or other item that will keep your dog warm while outside. While outside during your walk, pay attention to him and if he starts to shake or shiver, end the walk and take him home.

If you’re looking for more tips for taking care of your pet, check out all of our blog entries.


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