How to Keep Your Dog Active During Cold Winter Weather

During the winter, both you and your dog may be pent up indoors due to the cold and the weather. Icy conditions or snow can make it difficult to take your pet outside. However, there are a few things you can do with your pup indoors that may help them release that excess, pent-up energy and also maintain a healthy weight during the winter months.

Go for shorter walks, but do more of them.

Walking your dog is still important in the winter. However, you can schedule your walks so that you and your dog don’t get as cold. Instead of doing an hour-long walk, schedule four 15-minute walks. There’s also the option of abandoning flat surfaces and instead finding a more-intense walk for a shorter period of time. This can not only help you stay warm, but also helps your dog stay active and healthy during the winter.

Teach tricks indoors.

Humans aren’t the only ones that get stir crazy indoors; dogs do, too. One of the ways to help keep your canine companion from getting bored is by teaching them tricks in the winter. Not only will it help engage them in more constructive ways, but mental exercise will also tire out your pooch and make them less likely to get into trouble.

Use a treadmill (if you have one).

If you have a treadmill in your home, then consider teaching your dog to use it. A treadmill will allow your dog to walk far further than they normally would be able to outside. In addition, it helps save your pup’s paws from harsh conditions, and helps relieve excess energy. If your dog has a shaggy coat, then a treadmill can also save your pooch from excessive heat outside during the summer.

Any of these tips and tricks could be a huge way to not only keep your dog healthy during the winter, but also keep them mentally active and stimulated. If you’re looking for tips for your canine companion, or simply looking for ways to help train them around the house, then check out the rest of our blog, and also our indoor dog fences.

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