Will Your Cat Get Along with a New Dog? How to Help Introduce Dogs & Cats

dog and cat snuggling in the grass

For years we’ve seen depictions pitting cats against dogs. The endless comics and cartoons and even arguments in adult life have focused on why one animal is better than other. But the reality is that these animals, like any living being, can live together in harmony if they are just given a chance to get to know one another.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a cat, or a dog, don’t let the worry of old tales that these two can’t cooperate stop you. In fact, there are some easy tips to help you introduce cats and dogs to one another to allow them to lead great, comfortable lives in each other’s company.

First Meeting

Create a first meeting in a controlled environment. Think about how your breed interacts with other animals and if this is the first time they are ever interacting with the other species. If your pet is usually okay with other animals or timid, you may not need any extra precautions but if they are typically aggressive or territorial, you’ll want to consider keeping a leash and easy boundaries for the first meeting.

Indoor containment systems are a great way to keep your dog in a safe area and uses wireless technology and a dog collar to make freedom in the home without baby gates a possibility.

Shared Free Time

Another great idea once you have both pets in the home is to give them each some time alone, out to roam free around the home. This is a great way to allow either the cat or the dog to scope out their living quarters in a stress-free way and to get to used to the surroundings and scents of the other animal.

Professional Assistance

There are also many skilled professionals who can assist with assimilating dog and cats in the home. These trained animal behaviorists can offer time to train and reinforce behaviors and help guide the interactions in hopes that the dog and cat no longer mind having each other around.

At DogWatch of Western MA, there are professionals available to tailor specific dog training programs to help your dog understand and comply with your indoor and outdoor containment systems. They will learn voice and visual commands and most importantly how to have freedom while keeping themselves and other safe. What could be better for keeping the peace between cats and dogs? Contact us today!