Including Pets in Disaster Planning


Natural disasters are important risks for families to consider regardless of where they live in the country. Everything from hurricanes to wildfires has potential to put you and your loved ones in harm’s way. Coming up with an emergency plan that your family understands and is confident in following should Mother Nature strike is a great tool for survival.

What we don’t always talk about, and that’s become an issue in many news reports following up on the aftermath of recent catastrophes is a plan for wildlife and pets who are also affected by these events.

As a responsible dog or cat owner and family with a four-legged friend, it makes sense that these members of our home are also included in the disaster planning phase. They should have the same accommodations and advance preparations made as other members to make it out safely should disaster make its way to your home.

Here are some tips for including pets in your emergency preparations.

Make Plans to Take Them

You should never leave your pet behind if you and your family are evacuating. They could be injured, lost or worse.  Even if you are unable to carry them along find a friend or a safe shelter for them to go to as the dangerous weather situation passes.

Microchip & Collars

In the event that your dog does take off because they are startled and is separated from you during evacuations, having their collar with emergency contact information and a microchip is a sure way to help you get reunited with them.

Make an Emergency & Pet First Aid Kit

Just as humans may run into danger during an emergency situation, pets too can become injured or need medical attention. With a first aid kit, you’ll have the all proper tools required to address their needs.

In addition to bandages, scissors, ointment and flea and tick spray, you should also have a few days worth of food in an airtight container and clean fresh water for your pet. To help reduce any stress from the change in the environment it’s also a good idea to pack some familiar toys to keep your pet occupied.

The last thing you want in these trying times is to be worried about any member of your family’s safety (your pets included). By making plans in advance that include them in the route to safety you’ll save yourself time and heartache.