How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

dog bath

Depending on what size dog you have you might spend more time in between baths for the simple fact that getting a very large or long hair dog wet, cleaned and dried off is no easy task. You might also be worried if you’ve become immune to the odor of your pet and cannot tell if it’s actually offensive. If you’ve been wondering just how long in between bathing you can go – here’s your answer. 

Technique Over Frequency 

While there is no cut and dry number for how often to bathe your dog – it could range from once a week to once a month – the more important factor to consider is your technique. Since dogs have a natural self-hygiene routine to keep clean you can assume they already do some of the important stuff themselves. You should still clean their coat to detangle, remove dust and dirt and check for other things like fleas ticks or lumps. If you’re doing this frequently, then you want to use a very gentle wash that is mild and won’t cause over drying. Just like human hair, washing too much can strip natural oils and cause issues too. If you are bathing less frequently and know your dog has been rolling around the yard for quite a while between washes then you’ll want a good lather, scrub and rinse to break up and remove the particles. 

What Experts Recommend

If you’re still trying to come up with a standard bathing routine for your pup, most experts recommend a once a month bath schedule. This can change if your pet has other conditions or fur that requires more or less frequent washes. It’s important to understand your specific breed and the type of hair their coat is made of to make the best decision. 

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