How DogWatch Hidden Fences Provide Safe and Effective Containment for Your Dog

dog running outside

Whether it’s to protect your home and yard, to protect your neighbors or to protect your beloved dog from harm, chances are good you have some type of containment system for your pet. It may be in the form of a fence, or a stake on which to tie a lead. Both methods, however, have significant disadvantages. A staked lead limits your dog to a small area, which may become worn and dug up since the dog’s activities are confined. Physical fences are effective but can be ugly and spoil your enjoyment of your yard.

So what’s the alternative? Hidden fences are effective and affordable and eliminate the downsides of more traditional dog containment methods. The benefits of hidden fences include:

Freeing humans from fences. If you use physical fences to contain your dog, you’ll know how annoying and disruptive they can be for your family. With an invisible fence, humans can move around your yard freely minus the hassle of opening and closing gates.

Keeping your view of nature. Hidden fences don’t interfere visually with scenic views of your yard, distant vistas or green spaces, which can enhance your feeling of being outdoors and boost your enjoyment of your property.

Freedom for the dog. Let’s face it: dogs love to explore. If you are keeping your dog on a chain outdoors, you’re limiting your dog’s enjoyment of your yard. With a hidden fence, your pet can safely wander the yard in freedom while still being contained for safety.

Save your lawn. When dogs are contained within a small area, they will often dig, which can ruin your lawn and leave large holes in the yard. When the dog has more freedom to roam, you’re less likely to experience yard damage.

Keep your pet safe. No one likes to imagine that their dog will escape their yard and come to harm. The good news is that hidden fences are highly effective in containing your dog so he or she doesn’t wind up hurt or at the pound.

Choose which areas are off-limits. The DogWatch outdoor pet fence offers dog owners the very best system for containing pets within the yard and or any other areas you’d prefer to remain canine-free (such as the garden). Safely keep your dog in the yard and out of the flowerbed, swimming pool area, BBQ pit or any area you designate to be a “no-go.” If your property includes a gated driveway, you can keep your dog in your yard when the gate opens and closes. Compare this to GPS-based systems, which usually accommodate only a regular-shaped circular area that may be a mismatch to the shape of your yard.

Hidden fences are highly effective. DogWatch’s Performance Series Transmitter comes with a lifetime equipment warranty, including dog chews. DogWatch also gives you the best available lightning protection on the market. Whatever solution you choose, you always have the ability to adjust the system for your pet’s needs without the expense or planning of a service call, and the system will warn you of any breaks in the barrier.

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