DogWatch’s Indoor Boundaries and Pet Containment Solutions

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While pet containment in the yard is an important consideration for dog owners, many pet parents find themselves requiring pet containment indoors. It may be about keeping a dog out of the dining room or away from kitchen food preparation areas, for example. It might be about keeping a dog out of the bedroom of a family member with dog allergies, or a baby’s room. Whatever the reason, it’s about training a young dog in how to behave in the house. Indoor pet containment solutions are a good way to build a program your dog can understand and respect alongside traditional training solutions. 

Indoor pet containment works a lot like outdoor pet containment. The dog wears a lightweight receiver on his or her collar and experiences a warning beep if they approaches the invisible fence’s warning zone. (On the first approach, it’s merely a sound.) If the dog ignores the warning tone and continues to approach the boundary of the containment zone, the collar will deliver a mild and safe static stimulation to deter him or her from the set boundaries.

Also as with outdoor containment systems, it’s the homeowner who determines the boundaries, and the system is custom-designed to match these boundaries. In fact, indoor containment systems are easier to install because there is no burying of wires involved. In addition, the same transmitter for the dog’s collar can be used with both indoor and outdoor containment systems. 

Types of Indoor Pet Containment Solutions

DogWatch of Western Massachusetts offers the perfect solution for indoor dog containment, Pet Boundaries. Pet Boundaries keeps your dog contained in a safe area using wireless technology. DogWatch offers two types of safe and effective Pet Boundaries indoor pet containment solutions. These include:

The IB-100. The IB-100 is a wireless-operated boundary (BOB) or indoor dog containment system that you can use anywhere to create a pet-free zone. The IB-100 has a rechargeable battery and will protect an area up to 8 feet in diameter. This is a perfect choice if you need a portable boundary that can be used without plugging it in.

The IB-200. The IB-200 is our most flexible indoor dog containment solution to keep your pet safe inside. This transmitter can be used either with or without a boundary wire. You can install the IB-200 with a wire to protect a large defined indoor area or you can use it without a wire for greater flexibility to protect smaller areas up to 10 feet in diameter.

In addition to installing the indoor containment solution, trainers at DogWatch of Western Massachusetts will work with you and your dog to ensure that both pet and human understand how the system works.

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