Common Eye Problems in Dogs

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Like people, dogs can suffer a wide range of health problems. Some are caused by old age or genetics, while others result from injuries. These are some of the most common eye problems that dogs experience.

Cataracts in Dogs

Cataracts can make a dog’s eyes look cloudy, white, or bluish-gray. Cataracts can cause a dog to suffer from blurry vision, or even blindness. Genetics, an illness, aging, or trauma to the eye can cause cataracts. The condition can be treated with surgery.

Corneal Ulcers

Corneal ulcers occur when the thin, outer layer of the eye gets damaged. Chronic dry eyes or an eye infection can cause corneal ulcers, but the problem can also be a result of trauma. For example, a dog’s eye might get injured in a fight with another animal. Corneal ulcers can sometimes be treated with ointment or eye drops. In other cases, surgery is necessary.

Dog Glaucoma

Dogs can suffer from glaucoma if fluid in the eye doesn’t drain properly. Over time, fluid can build up and put pressure on the eye. The condition can cause pain, as well as dilated pupils, bulging eyes, and other symptoms. Glaucoma can be a result of trauma, infection, inflammation, or another cause. Medication can be an effective treatment, but surgery is sometimes required. 

Entropion in Dogs

Entropion is another common eye problem in dogs. The condition causes the top or bottom eyelid to fold inward. The eyelashes then rub against the cornea, which can irritate the eye and affect the dog’s vision. Injury, corneal ulcers, and genetics are some of the possible causes of entropion.

Keep Your Dog Safe

Dogs can experience several types of eye problems, and some of them can be painful and can even cause permanent vision loss. You don’t want your furry friend to suffer, and you also don’t want to have to pay expensive bills for veterinary care. 

You can’t necessarily prevent all eye problems, since some are caused by genetics, but you can take steps to protect your dog from trauma and injuries that could affect its eyes. Keeping your dog in the yard is a simple way to do that. If your dog stays on your property, you won’t have to worry about it getting into a fight with a neighbor’s pet or a wild animal, getting hit by a car, or running off into the woods and getting injured. 

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