The Best Alternatives to Crate Training for Dogs and Puppies

A dog sitting in a metal crate

Crate or no crate? This is a big question in the doggy community. You’ll typically get a mixed set of responses from people and professionals about their opinions on crating dogs and puppies.

Many people turn to crates to help in the potty training and chewing phases. The idea is that if the dogs are in  the cage while you are not able to be around them, they can’t use the bathroom in the house or chew up your belongings.

There is also the reality is that dogs can still eliminate in the cage if they are left there for longer than they can hold it, and they can also be trained to use the outdoors to potty without having to be crated with just a little extra care and attention.

For those who are on the fence about which method to choose, here are the best alternatives to crate training dogs and puppies. Continue reading “The Best Alternatives to Crate Training for Dogs and Puppies”

Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Dog From Ruining Your Garden this Summer

A husky dog lying in a hole it dug.

Summer gardening is a favorite pastime for so many. There’s nothing that compares to the relaxation and satisfaction of spending time outdoors on a mild summer day planting beds of flowers and veggies that will grow over the next few months.

Most gardeners are also aware of pesky insects that can wreak havoc on their crop and are usually prepared with treatments and preventives to allow their plants to grow fruitfully.

However, one sneaky visitor that you may not suspect may be behind your dug up flower beds: your dog.

Having a dog does not mean forgoing the beauty and care that comes with planting flowers. Here are the top 3 ways to keep your dog from digging up your flower beds this summer: Continue reading “Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Dog From Ruining Your Garden this Summer”

How to Train Your Dog to Keep Out of the Kitchen

A dog in the kitchen, expressing interest in a plate of meat on the counter.
By Kgbo (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Of all the rooms in the house, it’s only natural your dog or dogs should have a particular affinity for the kitchen. Dogs are scent and appetite-driven animals, and the kitchen is where the best smells and tastiest foods are found. Not to mention, the kitchen is often a very social place for many households, a place where family members gather to talk, relax, and yes—eat.

Unfortunately, kitchens and dogs don’t always mix. Smaller dogs, hoping to catch crumbs or scraps of food, can crowd your feet while you cook, risking a potentially severe accident. (The last thing you want when holding a sharp knife or a pot of boiling water is to trip over your dog.)

When there’s less supervision, many larger dogs are also prone to rummaging through the kitchen trash for food scraps, snatching up humans’ food before they can eat it, or even getting into pantries or refrigerators. This makes a mess of course, but it can also lead to injury or illness on the dog’s part.

With all this in mind, it might seem like a good idea just to keep your dog out of the kitchen altogether! Continue reading “How to Train Your Dog to Keep Out of the Kitchen”

Do Electric Dog Fences Work? (Spoiler Alert: Yes. Here’s How.)

a white dog jumping in the air

If you’re a dog owner with your own property, it’s most likely that your pup loves to run around the yard for exercise and play. But no matter how well-behaved your dog is, it’s simply irresponsible to let your dog loose without any kind of barrier or restraint to keep them in check.

What’s the best way to keep your dog on your property? Run cables can get tangled and break easily. Yard kennels can be jumped over or dug under by many dogs. Traditional perimeter fencing is often prohibitively expensive.

What about electric dog fences? Do they work?

Electric dog fences, sometimes called invisible or underground fences, are increasingly common but frequently misunderstood.

The first thing to understand about electric dog fences is that yes, they do work.

Keep reading to learn more about electric dog fences—how they work and why they’re a great choice for many dog owners. Continue reading “Do Electric Dog Fences Work? (Spoiler Alert: Yes. Here’s How.)”

Top Cold Weather Dog Breeds and Their Characteristics

If you live in an area where there’s cold weather, then you know that certain breeds of dogs do better than others in the ice and snow. Now, we’re taking a closer look at which breeds do best in freezing temperatures and wet snow, and why they adapt as well as they do.

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How to Keep Your Dog Active During Cold Winter Weather

During the winter, both you and your dog may be pent up indoors due to the cold and the weather. Icy conditions or snow can make it difficult to take your pet outside. However, there are a few things you can do with your pup indoors that may help them release that excess, pent-up energy and also maintain a healthy weight during the winter months.
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