Can You Install a Hidden Fence at a Beach House?

Cheerful Woman In White T-shirt Taking Photo Of Pug Dog On Sandy

Many pet owners know that a hidden fence can keep a dog from leaving the yard or keep it out of a garden or another area where it might cause damage or get injured. Some people don’t know that a hidden fence can also be used at a beach house so a pet can spend time in the water while being restricted to a designated area.

How a Hidden Fence Can Be Installed at a Waterfront Property

When a hidden fence is installed, a wire is used to mark a boundary line and limit the pet’s movements. The boundary wire emits a radio signal, and the pet wears a collar that detects the signal and alerts the animal if it gets too close to the boundary.

Every property is different. DogWatch dealers work with customers to select an area that’s large enough to give a pet a reasonable amount of freedom while keeping it out of harm’s way. 

The system can work the same way at a waterfront property. Installing a boundary wire at a beach house poses additional challenges, but DogWatch dealers know how to handle them. They have developed techniques to install boundary wires in bodies of water and to keep them secure and free from damage. 

Even if your dog goes swimming, you won’t have to worry. Our collars are waterproof, so your pet will still receive an alert if it swims too close to the boundary.

Use a Hidden Fence to Keep Your Pet Safe at the Beach

If you own a beach house, DogWatch MA can install a hidden fence that will give your dog the freedom to swim and play in the water while preventing it from venturing too far from shore or getting into areas with currents, predators, rocks, or other hazards. We can work with you to figure out the best place to put the boundary wire so your pet will have room to roam but will be restricted to a safe area. 

Get an Estimate for a Hidden Fence

Spending time at the beach with your dog can be a fun-filled experience, but it can also be dangerous. A pet can get excited or frightened and swim into an area where it shouldn’t go. 

A hidden fence can eliminate that risk and give you peace of mind. Contact DogWatch MA today to learn more about how a hidden fence can protect your dog at the beach and to request a quote.