Beach Safety Tips for Dogs

dog on beach

With a heatwave upon us here in New England and stay at home orders not completely lifted yet, there are many people taking trips to the beach for some relief from the hot weather. While there aren’t many places you can take your dog during the summer months in Western Mass as far as beaches (dogs are welcome October 1st -April 30th as long as they are leashed) if you’re planning a trip to a nearby location where your pet will be accompanying you by the water, it’s important to know some of the key safety protocols to follow so your pet is safe. Here are some important things to keep in mind

Not All Dogs Can Swim 

You should always use a safety vest for your dog while at the beach. There is no telling when a current will get too strong or if your dog can handle the water depth. Not all dogs can innately swim so if you’re unsure if your furry friend has swimming agility, do not take the chance and allow them to go out into the water. 

Dogs Should Drink Only Fresh Water 

Your pet should always stay hydrated and have plenty of fresh water to drink. Do not allow them to drink any other water while you’re out and about. Sitting puddles, salty ocean water and anything other than clean, fresh water can be toxic. 

Baths Should Always Follow 

The first thing we do when we get home from the beach is shower to get off all the sand and salt from the day. Don’t leave your dog behind. He too should be showered after incase there is sand within his fur or other mites and sand insects on his coat. 

Dogs Get Very Hot

While we can wear a swimsuit and light clothing at the beach to stay cool, keep in mind that your dog has lots of fur and they will get hot much more easily than you do. Especially if you have a large bread with long hair – they can have a quick increase in body temperature while being outdoors in extreme heat. It’s always best to leave your dog home during the hottest times of the day where they can stay relaxed and in a familiar setting. They can also burn their delicate paws on hot sand, so there is a lot of consideration prior to a trip to the beach with your dog.

Provide your four-legged friend with ample space to roam about safely indoors while you venture to the beach. Set-up wireless pet containment systems around the home. 

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