3 Tips to Improve Your Dogs Oral Health

dog teeth

Oral health is something most humans take seriously. From a very early age, we’re taught to brush, floss and take care of our pearly whites. We wouldn’t consider going a day without cleaning the plaque off with a toothbrush and removing any offensive odors from our mouths. We should be doing the same for our dogs.

Today families are taking their pets on vacations, having mealtime together and even sharing the same bed. If you want to help your pup keep his oral and physical health intact then adding a mouth cleaning routine to their day should also be part of the plan.

In addition to brushing, regular check-ups for oral health should also be done by a professional veterinarian.

Many dogs suffer from periodontal disease and even fractured teeth. Since they cannot speak to tell us about any pain or discomfort then we must be proactive in protecting their teeth.

Here are 3 things you can start doing to take better care of your dog’s oral health.

1. Look Inside Their Mouth

Take the time to look into your pet’s mouth and visually examine their teeth. If you notice any cracks or dark spots on the teeth it could be a sign that there are other underlying issues or an upcoming tooth problem. Catching these early on is critical to keep your dog comfortable and safe.  

2. Use Pet Safe Dental Brush and Paste

Doggy breath might be cute when they are puppies but as your dog grows, the odors in his mouth can become quite noticeable. If you can keep the inside of his mouth clean he will feel fresh too. You may choose to just wipe their mouth clean with a damp cloth or there are different pastes and brushes made specifically for pets. Be sure they are veterinarian approved. There are also dental dog treats that can help with scraping debris off their teeth and masking odor.

3. Clean up Their Diet

Food plays a major role in how healthy your dog’s mouth feels and looks. You can help keep their teeth in good condition by feeding them a notorious healthy and balanced diet. Talk to your vet about a good kibble choice and avoid giving your pet any scraps of food from the human diet. There are far too many sugars and carbohydrates in the food for their teeth and bellies to withstand.

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