Trick Or Treat: 3 Ways To Keep Your Dog Calm This Halloween

dog Halloween treat

For us humans, Halloween can be an exciting time. Dressing up and handing out candy to the neighborhood kids can be a lot of fun. To dogs, however, Halloween can be somewhat stressful. Even if your pup is a true “people dog,” the rapid influx of new scents making their way to your doorstep can be quite overwhelming.

What’s more, you don’t want to risk scaring away those cheerful little ghouls either. As friendly as your canine companion may be, it’s hard for strangers to distinguish a “nice” bark from a “mean” bark when they ring the doorbell. Therefore, it’s best for both parties if Fido is sufficiently contained during peak trick-or-treating hours.

Here are 3 tips you can use to keep your dog calm.

1. Take Them For A Run

Take your dog for a brisk walk or run before the night begins. Giving them a good workout will help to tire them out. Once they’re exhausted, they’ll be less interested in investigating the many knocks on your door.

2. Occupy Them With Toys & Treats

Children aren’t the only ones who deserve treats on Halloween. After taking them for a run, reward your dog with a well-deserved snack. If they still have a lot of spunk left, then distract them with their favorite toys. While many dogs do tend to trade toys for new visitors, you could always try purchasing a brand new toy for the occasion. Remember that new toys are just as much fun for them as they are for us, so pick something good!

3. Use An Indoor Dog Fence

Ideally, you should keep your dog as far away from the front door as possible. While dogs will be able to sense incoming visitors, the distance will help muffle their barks of excitement, which will make trick-or-treaters feel more at ease.

Try Pet Boundaries By DogWatch

While it’s important to keep your dog contained, there is no need to keep them so restricted that they can’t enjoy the night too. DogWatch’s pet boundaries use wireless technology to keep your dog safely out of the way. There’s no need for baby gates or closed doors: these wireless devices establish an effective boundary line that prevents dogs from roaming beyond their specified limits.

If you’re interested in our pet containment systems, or you need help setting them up, then contact DogWatch Hidden Fences of Western Massachusetts today!