How to Train Your Dog to Stay Off the Bed

a chocolate lab relaxing on a bed

The bond shared between man and dog is incredible. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being a canine owner then you know just what we mean.

Some of us love snuggling up with our four legged friends at night. They can be great for keeping you warm, feeling secure, or they can crowd the bed and leave little room for a comfortable night’s rest.

If you prefer your pet keep his fur and snoring in his own area, here are some tips for how to train your dog to stay off the bed.

Positive Reinforcement

Just like any training you’ll do with your dog, you should watch them and tell them “No” and have them get off the bed when they try to climb up. As they listen and learn to stay away, you reward them with a treat or some extra hugs to let them know it’s a job well done.


Most pets know there are some smells they should stay away from. This is the idea behind using a repellent to train dogs to keep off the bed. Many times with puppies this tactic is used to stop them from chewing. Not everyone may agree on this tactic but it’s been shown to be effective and can even be made naturally using a mix of lemon juice or essential oils and water in a spray bottle. They will be turned off by the scent and stay away.

Start Early

The best way to teach your dog not to jump up on your bed is to never allow him to do it from day one. Dogs are creatures of habit. If they have always been told to stay off the bed, or have always been crated at night while you sleep, then they will most likely never think about hopping up onto the bed at all.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) recommends providing some night time toys for your dog if he’ll be caged or changing routines and sleeping alone after being used to snuggling.

Indoor Containment Systems

If all else fails, consider an indoor pet containment system from DogWatch. Pet Boundaries by DogWatch keeps your dog contained in a safe area using wireless technology. We can get you set up with your indoor dog containment system. Your dog wears the same collar, inside or out. No more baby gates or closed doors.

DogWatch of Western MA offers dog training programs to assist with helping your dog learn boundaries with the help of an indoor containment system. This could be useful in an instance where you’d like to get your pup to stop jumping on the bed. Training sessions only take a few minutes a day.

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