Top Tips for Puppy Proofing Your Home


If you’ve made the decision to welcome a four-legged friend into your family, congratulations. The years of companionship, loyalty, and warmth these pets bring to a household is undeniable. If you’ve also taken the plunge as owners to a newborn or young puppy, hats off to you! Much like young children, puppies require attention, extra care and careful assimilation with others in the household.

With the right steps you’ll be on your way to a house with an additional family member everyone loves and soon those chewed up slippers and accidents on the floor will be long past.

Here are our top tips for puppy proofing your home.

Keep Things Tidy

Puppies are curious creatures. They love to explore and they love to chew. If you’ve got belongings you care about, you should exercise caution when leaving them behind. Don’t keep them in reach of the puppy and be sure to hide dangerous wires, plants or other small objects that can present a hazard for these little fellows. Even if you can’t keep a close eye every second keeping a tidy and neat space for them will eliminate some of your concerns.

Learn to Share the Space

One thing most families don’t consider when opting to bring home a pup is that they will now become part of the shared space in your home. Teaching toddlers to pick up their toys, to respect the dog’s space and to avoid chasing or antagonizing them is key to growing successful relationships and bonds.

Start Training Early

One of the best ways to show dogs how they can be comfortable with their family members is to offer them obedience training early. This teaches them proper tools for commands, communication and even how to be understood by their owners. Trainers work with canines on socialization, enrichment and primary behaviors they should know.

Set Boundaries

One of the best ways to protect and give your pup a sense of security is to set boundaries for them. There is speculation about whether or not crate training is needed but even if you’re not going that route, giving a young dog free reign of the home isn’t the right choice. With indoor hidden fences, you can set up safe boundaries so that your dog and roam freely inside and still protect them when you can’t be there to monitor their every move. Keep them off the couch and out of the trash with ease.

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