Tips to Successfully Train More Than One Dog

three dogs sitting

If you’ve graduated from a single dog mom or dad to a family of four-legged friends, perhaps you’re wondering when a good time to get the pups trained would be.

Do you work with them individually or together on commands and response? What about those really brave souls who take in more than one puppy at the same time? Are there additional tools that ease the frustrations of trying to get all the dogs to listen and follow through?

We’ve put together some of the most important steps you should take if you’re trying to train more than one dog. Use them along with help from experts and you’ll soon have a happy home of pets that add to the tranquility instead of the chaos.

Keep Things Separate

In addition to creating a separate feeding space for each dog, you should also give them some time apart. During the training phase, it’s important to keep dogs separated and give them individual care and attention. This eliminates the possibility of jealousy or aggression as you’re training. As they begin to learn and understand what various commands mean and act appropriately to them, you can start to introduce another dog into the environment and begin to test out if they are responsive in a setting where it’s not just them being asked to do something. Dogs are pretty intelligent if you take the time to show them and are patient.

Work on Name/Command Conditioning

Once you’re able to have multiple dogs out in the yard without a leash and responding to your commands, you should start to work on getting them to respond based on their name. That means some of the dogs will not be responding. If they sit and wait patiently for their turn, they should be rewarded just as much as the dog who responded correctly. Waiting their turn is an important skill for dogs to possess in a multi-pet home.

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