Tips for Socializing Your Dog with Boundaries

dog park

When it comes to training your dog to be safe around the home, the yard, and other people, there are few tasks at hand. First, you need your dog to feel comfortable with you and with your surroundings. Comfortable enough where they are not retaliating or trying to escape, but also understanding who is boss in the situation. What you say goes and when you call them to come back or to stay out of a certain area they will obey the command. Working up to this goal isn’t always easy.  Here are a few tips when it comes to both socializing your dog and getting them to obey boundaries at the same time.

To start, in public, crowded places – especially with other dogs present, you should keep them by your side so they feel safe and when you are confident and able to unleash them, they should already understand and react at your command to come back. If they are still not good at doing this is could be difficult to get them to cooperate with other dogs and could also let other dog park attendees feel uneasy.

Practice at home, in your yard, or in the house and call their name.

When they listen and come at your call praise them with rewarding cuddles or a small treat until they will do it automatically. Test it out slowly, maybe on a solo walk with your dog, and see how they respond before you try this in a crowded dog park where they may lose focus with everything going on.

Social skills are another key step. Playing well with other dogs and knowing the difference between dog play and being too aggressive is very important to share space with other animals. This can be harder to work on in a solo environment. If you know others with dogs perhaps book a short outing together and see how the dogs do together. If they are getting rough, it will be easier to break them up and show them what’s acceptable and not versus lots of dogs running around while you try.

The other important thing when it comes to dogs understanding and obeying commands is respecting boundaries. Not just to protect your future and belongings but also to keep them safe. Perimeter training should be your first step in this task. You want to walk the perimeters of the yard or home with the dog so they will be where they are allowed to go. Do this several times. Repetition is key. It will take longer for some dogs to understand these are the boundaries. Incorporate treats and commands after time to show them when to stop at the boundary and not to cross over.

Sometimes though, despite best efforts, your dog will need some additional help and security staying within boundaries. And that’s Okay! With a pet containment system from DogWatch, your pet can roam and play freely within the boundaries you set. Not just while out in the backyard, but you can also keep your pet off the couch, away from the trash, and out of the dining room or kitchen. Need some assistance with the training? We can help with that too! Our professional trainers will teach your dog how to safely obey the hidden fence boundaries in a way that matches your pet’s personality.