The Benefits of Using a DogWatch Containment System for Cats

kitten laying on its back with its eyes closed

Cats have an instinctive desire to roam and explore, but that can put them in harm’s way. A DogWatch containment system can keep your cat safe and help you avoid common problems.

Reasons to Use a DogWatch Containment System for Cats

If a cat can wander freely outdoors, it can get injured, or even killed. Hazards are everywhere. A cat can get hit by a car or attacked by another cat, a dog, or a wild animal, such as a raccoon. If a cat gets bitten by a rabid animal, it can contract rabies. Containing your cat can give it the freedom to play and explore while setting a clearly defined boundary to keep it safe.

You might prefer not to allow your cat outdoors at all. Even if your cat is safe from cars and other animals, insects such as fleas can create health problems for your pet and possibly spread disease. An indoor cat fence can keep your pet safe inside your house.

How a Containment System Works

With an outdoor hidden fence, a wire is buried underground to create a boundary. We can create a custom boundary that fits your needs and goals. You might want to give your cat as much room as possible to roam and play, or you might want to restrict your pet to one area and keep it away from your garden and driveway.

An indoor cat fence can also be customized. You can let your cat move freely about certain parts of the house but keep it away from areas where it might get hurt, such as the kitchen. You can also keep your pet away from places where it might scratch furniture, knock over plants, or create other problems for you.

The boundary wire transmits a signal to a collar. If your cat gets close to the boundary, it will receive a warning. If it continues to move toward the boundary, it will receive a correction from the collar.

Get an Estimate for a Containment System for Cats

Your cat is a beloved family member. To keep your pet happy and safe, you need to give it a reasonable amount of freedom while keeping it away from potential dangers. A DogWatch containment system for cats can allow you to do that.

We can help you figure out the best place to set a boundary and install a containment system. All pets need to be trained so they understand where they are and are not permitted to go and learn to respond to warnings from their collar. Members of our team know which training methods work best with cats. Contact DogWatch of Massachusetts today to learn more.