The Benefits of Professional Hidden Fence Installation for Pet Safety

dog in yard

If you’re like most Americans, your pets are part of the family. There is little we wouldn’t do to keep them safe and secure, just as with the human members of the family. That said, safety and security need to be balanced with quality-of-life issues…sure, you can keep your dog safe by keeping him penned up in a small space, but do you want to? Animals are naturally curious about outdoor spaces, and they like nothing more than a good roam and a sniff, or an outdoor nap in a puddle of sunshine. 

While some owners resort to chaining dogs in the yard, there are significant downsides to this approach. One, it’s limiting for the dog, who may act out and misbehave in frustration. It’s also terrible for your yard: a restricted dog will leave a mess in the area to which it’s confined. Fences are generally a better option for containing dogs, but they too come with downsides. They can be difficult or expensive to install, and they may violate homeowners’ association (HOA) rules. They’re also, simply put, not very attractive, and can close in your yard and prevent you from enjoying it. 

The Advantages of Hidden Fences

Hidden fences, which are installed by professionals, are unparalleled in their ability to keep pets safe and contained within your property, while still maintaining curb value for your home and freedom to roam for the dog.  

Today’s innovative pet containment solutions can transform the lives of both pets and their owners. Here’s how hidden fences work: A boundary wire is buried around your yard, or the particular areas where the dog is allowed to roam. Your dog is then provided with a lightweight, waterproof collar that picks up a coded FM radio signal generated by the buried wire. If the dog approaches the boundary wire, he or she receives an audible warning reminder not to cross. If the audio warning is ignored (which is a rare situation after the dog is trained), the dog will receive mild stimulation from the collar. Depending on the size of your property and the needs of your dog, the signal range may vary from the hidden dog fence boundary wire. 

As a certified dealer of DogWatch products, DogWatch Hidden Fences of Western Massachusetts will provide the electric fence installation and will adjust the range that is most suitable for your dog and your property. Once the infrastructure is installed – a quick and easy process, unlike physical fencing — the dog trainers at DogWatch of Western Massachusetts will tailor a dog training program to meet your pet’s needs. Your dog will learn the boundaries of your property through voice commands and visual flags. After just a few minutes of training a day for a week to 10 days, your dog will have the freedom to roam in safety, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your four-legged family member is secure. 

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