Study: People Connected to Dogs More than Other Humans


For most dog-loving families it’s easy to understand the bond our four-legged friend shares with us. They aren’t just the family pet or an accessory. They complete the home. They are loyal, loving and for most families, an additional member of the family unit.

If your dog is more like your child and experiences the same joys with you as the relationships had with human children, you’re not alone in your love for your canine companion.

One recent study even found that humans are connecting and feeling more empathetic toward dogs than they even do with other adult humans.

According to the research, which was published in the journal Society and Animals, people showed more empathy towards staged news reports about attack victims when they were either a human child or a dog – puppy and full grown, more so than other adult humans.

It makes sense that hearing about the pain inflicted on the dogs would evoke pain and sorrow if they are being seen as a child family member.

And just as we’re reshaping our relationship with dogs, they too are seeing their human owner’s in new ways over the course of time.

This is especially true as the domestication of dogs has continued to shape their behaviors and they are now responding to their human companions in more communicative ways.

So what does all of this mean?

It means our dog friends are here to stay and their permanent role in the household is becoming solidified.

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