Pets Top of Mind During COVID-19

We love to talk about your pets here on our blog. We have a giant part of our hearts that belong to your four-legged friends. After all, it’s why we do what we do! Helping you to create a safe place for both your pet and your family to enjoy time with each other indoors and outside. 

Our wireless pet containment systems are great for both cats and dogs and create the boundaries you define as safe and okay for them to stay within. We also provide perimeter training where we come out and interact with your dog or cat and help them to understand what those boundaries mean so they can feel comfortable using your new DogWatch system. 

With a global pandemic still underway, it’s important to take extra precautions for the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. In fact, social media image site Pinterest found recently that pet-related searches are topping the list of what people are doing while online. 

We already talked about how shelters are getting emptied out across the globe thanks to the companionship pets bring with stay at home orders. This brings to light some more interesting points about our beloved furry friends. 

People are searching for things like how to best care for your pet, doing research on different breeds and even getting suggestions from the Internet on unique pet names. 

What else are people looking for? DIY tips for creating special toys for their new friends as well as easy homemade food options and treats and even grooming and training tips to help keep their pets safe and clean. 

We love this new movement to love your pets even more and are here for all of your needs. Call DogWatch of Western Mass and give them a safe and spacious area to run around and play around your home! 

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