Pet Behavior Problems? Try This

hugging dalmatian dog

Anyone who has pets knows that sometimes there can be a little adjusting to get them used to their new dwelling when you bring them home. Sometimes, older dogs, or those pets that know better will still have a behavior problem or act out of character and you may come home to torn couch cushions or chewed up shoes.

There are many reasons why a pet may have behavioral issues but some of the more common ones can be a sign of boredom, anxiety, or another issue that is important to know about.

Here are some common behavior issues pet owners are always seeking solutions for and what your dog or cat might be trying to tell you.

Barking that is Uninterrupted

While most dogs will bark from time to time to get their owner’s attention or for other reasons when it is a consistent, uninterrupted barking that seems excessive or even a nuisance your pet might be in danger of trying to tell you something important. Always be sure to give them attention to ensure they or someone else is not in immediate danger. To help teach them to stop barking using the command “quiet” or try to hold your hand quickly over the mouth like a muzzle to indicate quiet time.

Chewing Everything They Can

As we mentioned earlier, destructive chewing – especially of pricey items around the house or dangerous materials can be a very hard situation to deal with. If you find your pup is always reverting back to this behavior (even if they let it go for a while) they could be bored or in need of more exercise. Try to take them on an additional walk, provide chew toys to occupy them, or spend some more cuddle time easing their anxieties.  

Constant Licking or Scratching

Besides the unnerving sound of your dog licking and scratching at himself, they could be dealing with allergies that are also uncomfortable for them. Skin irritations are common in dogs or bacterial infections could be present as well. Try diverting their attention from the habit, but if it gets to be out of control talking with a professional may be warranted.

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