Pawsitively Peculiar: 7 Quirky Habits and Behaviors of Dogs Explained



Dog owners are often entertained and puzzled by the things their pets do. Some behaviors are amusing, while others create stress for pet owners. Here are seven of the most common things dogs do that delight and confuse people and the reasons why they do them.

‘The Zoomies’

Sometimes dogs get a sudden burst of energy and run around the house or yard for no apparent reason. That behavior is known as “the zoomies.” Happy dogs do it to release pent-up energy. Be careful when your dog gets “the zoomies” so it doesn’t crash into people or furniture. 

Tail Chasing

Chasing their tails helps dogs get to know their bodies. It’s also fun. Dogs of all ages chase their tails, but it’s particularly common among puppies.

In some cases, tail chasing can be a sign of a problem, such as anxiety or another type of medical issue. Too much tail chasing can also lead to injuries. 

Walking in Circles

Dogs often walk in circles before they lie down to go to sleep. They do that to find a comfortable position. Dogs also walk around in circles before relieving themselves. 

All of that is normal – to a point. If your pet seems to be walking in circles more than usual, that might mean that it’s suffering from anxiety, a vision or hearing problem, or a neurological issue, especially if it’s an older dog.

Digging Holes in the Yard

There are several reasons why dogs dig holes. They might be hiding food or reacting to the movements of animals that they detect underground, such as moles. Some canine species instinctively dig holes to serve as dens.

Rolling in Grass

Dogs often roll in the grass when they’re playing because it’s fun and it feels good. Sometimes dogs want to cover themselves with the smell of something that’s in the grass or add their own scent to the grass to mark their territory. 

Moving Food to a Different Location

Sometimes dogs move a mouthful of food, or even the entire bowl, to another part of the house. They do that to protect their food from anyone who might try to steal it. 

Eating Things That Aren’t Food

Dogs often consume things that they shouldn’t, such as dirt, grass, and rocks. They typically do that to better understand the world around them, but there can also be a medical explanation. A dog that eats things that aren’t food might be trying to address a nutrient deficiency. 

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