October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

rottie running

According to the American Humane Society, there is an estimated 3-4 million animals in shelters each year looking for a loving home where they can feel comfortable and happy to share their time. To help bring awareness to this need, the society created an entire month for the cause. 

Each October since 1981, has been known as “Adopt-a-Dog-Month.” We are total advocates for helping precious animals make it to their forever homes. This month, we’re taking time to recognize all those shelters working, foster pet parents and adopters who take the time to care for these animals and welcome them as pets in their homes. 

Here are a few tips to help you with your pet adoption or rescue. 

Find a Companion That Fits Your Lifestyle

It’s important to remember that many of these pets have been abandoned from other homes or experienced abuse. THey’ll need some gentle care in the beginning, but they can be great friends and companions. Humane and canine interaction is known to help boost emotional health, increase socialization and can even add to your quality of life if you let them! 

Consider how active you are, will you be able to incorporate increased activity for dog walks. How much time you spend at home. How other pets and members of the household will interact with the dog. 

Prepare Your Home in Advance

If you know you will be bringing home a rescue of adopting a pet, it’s important that you have a pet-friendly home. That means ensuring they cannot get to garbage cans or other dangerous decorations as they explore the home and run around. You’ll also need to tuck out of reach of any toxic foods, like those with Xylitol in them, and any other chemicals, plants or other items that could lead to injury in your pet. Consider a wireless pet containment system installed both indoors and outside that will give you and your new pet ultimate freedom! 

Consider Donations

Even if you cannot adopt a pet to bring it into your home, you can also consider donations to your local rescue or shelter to assist the veterinarians, trainers and animals with their healing, food and care. There are typically also opportunities to volunteer your time if you’d like to help out!