Keeping Your Dog Safe During Noisy New Year Celebrations

dog fireworks

Celebrations for the New Year will kick off this evening and in many locations last well into the weekend. While it’s a great time for making resolutions and moving on from the year past, we cannot forget those mesmerizing fireworks while appealing to humans are also troublesome for most pets.

The loud, unexpected booms tend to evoke anxiety in most dogs and can really put a damper on New Year’s celebrations.

And it’s not just dogs, even cats and other animals display distress during the time of year when fireworks are being set off so it’s important to keep our furry friends in mind as we plan for the night.

To make it a relaxing and enjoyable experience for all, here are our top tips for keeping dogs safe during the upcoming celebrations.

Keep Pets Indoors and Distracted

One of the best ways to keep your pet safe during the celebrations and noise happening outdoors or at a party is to keep them indoors, confined to their usual spaces and distracted by chew toys or other noise-drowning sounds that won’t disturb them.

Go for an extra walk earlier in the afternoon to tire them out and get them a new toy they can enjoy. You might also want to leave the TV turned on or add some relaxing music as background noise in the room.

Even if you feel okay with leaving them behind while you go out for the night, having indoor boundaries set-up can give them the freedom they typically enjoy without you needing to worry about what they’re getting into to while you’re away.

Never Ignore Fear

It can be easy to dismiss odd behaviors from your pet on nights like this with so much commotion happening but it’s important to never ignore signs of fear or distress. Oftentimes with dogs, it can lead to aggression or an otherwise preventable accident. Be on the lookout for signs such as barking, growling, raised hair on the back of their necks or even flattened ears. Extra cuddles and comfort are a great deterrent to stress!

Anxiety Meds

If your pup has already shown extreme signs of stress from fireworks during past holidays your vet may have recommended anxiety meds to help curb the issue. If you know there will be parties and fireworks likely going off this New Year in your neighborhood, plan in advance for the anxiety meds and be sure to administer them in time to assist your pet during the celebrations.

Have a safe and terrific New Year!