How To Give Your Dog Freedom While You’re at Work

dog with kids in family room

There are so many joys that come along with owning a dog. These pets have long been man’s best friend and today, they have made their way into so many families and are treated no different than a sibling or child.

As our four legged friends become more accustomed to doing everything their human counter parts are doing —sleeping in the same bed, eating meals at the same time, maybe even swimming together —it’s become difficult to lock them in a cage for eight hours a day while everyone is out of the house for work and school.

The alternative can be dangerous. Not just because your dog may get into something or destroy everything in its path while you’re away, but other accidents that are more serious could result.

If you’re opposed to using a crate to control your dog while you’re at work, there are other options that help with containment and monitoring to consider.

Video Monitoring

While some older dogs who have lived in the home for many years and don’t do much but lay around seem safer than a wild pup to leave unattended all day, you should still consider getting a video monitoring system to at least tune into what’s happening at your home. There are many cost sensible options today that work via an Internet connection. Using your mobile device, you can easily tune in at any time to see what’s happening at a specific location. This will give you peace of mind and can even be used to secure your premises.

But the downside is that most of these systems only monitor one or a few different spots. Most dogs will travel all over the house and get into places even you don’t understand how they managed to get there. So video monitoring a dog that is free to roam the whole house isn’t a perfect option.

Wireless Containment Systems

Hidden fences use wireless technology to keep dogs contained within a preset boundary. These systems make it possible to designate safe portions of the house for the dog to access as well as limit them from entering other areas.

dogwatch indoor fence chartDogWatch Pet Boundaries is an indoor dog containment solutions that includes a user programmable receiver which can be customized for your pet’s personality and training requirements. The offering keeps your dog within boundaries using a collar and coded FM radio signal.

Only you know your dog, but used together, and with proper training, these options could create a perfect opportunity to let your dog have freedom while you go to work and without having to worry about coming home to any catastrophes.

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