Collar or Harness: Which is Better for Dog Walks?


Taking your dog for a walk is likely one of the favorite parts of their day (other than mealtime of course). Dogs truly love their outdoor time and take pride in the ability to be outdoors sniffing around in nature and stretching their legs. Not all dogs, however, are as comfortable with walking alongside their owners in public places like parks and in many locations leashes are even mandatory. Choosing the right option (harness or collar) can be the difference from an uncomfortable walk for both you and your pup or one that’s fun and relaxing.

Here are some tips on choosing the right collar for your dog and the ways a harness may help you stay in control while you walk.

Collars for Everyday

It’s difficult to compare collars to harnesses in terms of walking since they can serve different functions. Collars are a terrific option to keep identification on your dog, quickly snap on a leash when needed or walk with ease if there are no distractions in the environment. However, they are not the best option for walking if your dog is apt to use their neck to pull as injuries can result. Even dogs that aren’t inclined to pull on the leash, are small and lightweight or can walk alongside their owners off leash with no issues are at risk with a leash attached only to their collar.

Get Maximum Control with a Harness

Harness options are best if you walk your dog frequently and in areas that have potential dangers such as car horns or a squirrel scurrying in the roadway. If you have a larger breed dog that pulls with strength you’ll also find control is easier with a harness. Since most harnesses are wrapped around the body, it gives dog walkers more control holding a dog in place or keeping them from taking off and being put in potential danger. Differently designed harnesses can be chosen to restrict pulling and even provide additional comfort for pups.

Skip the Walk

If your dog prefers his own space (like your backyard) to get in activity for the day, protect him by setting up boundaries with invisible electric fencing. The outdoor hidden fence options allows you to keep your property aesthetically pleasing to look at while giving your pet enough freedom to run around, roam and play freely within the boundaries you’ve set.

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