Canine Superpowers: Unveiling the Extraordinary Senses of Dogs

Like humans, dogs rely on their senses to gather and interpret information about the world around them. Some of their senses are much more powerful than ours, though, and the way that they experience the world is profoundly different.

Extraordinary Sense of Smell

Most people know that dogs’ sense of smell is thousands of times better than that of humans. Canines have far more olfactory receptors than people do. That allows dogs to detect scents that humans can’t and makes them invaluable partners to law enforcement and search and rescue teams.

Powerful Sense of Hearing

Dogs can pick up more information through their ears than humans can. They can detect sounds that are farther away, as well as frequencies that are impossible for humans to detect. 

Dogs can rotate their ears to pick up sounds coming from different locations. They can even move each ear independently to take in sounds coming from multiple locations at the same time.

Superior Night Vision

Dogs have a reflective layer in their eyes that humans don’t have. That layer reflects light back to the receptor cells in their eyes and explains why dogs can see so well in the dark. 

Keep Your Dog Safe with a Hidden Fence

Even though dogs have powerful senses, they’re not invincible. If your dog ventures out of your yard unsupervised, it might get hit by a car or attacked by a wild animal or by someone else’s pet.

A hidden fence can keep your pet on your property and out of harm’s way without blocking your view of the landscape and your neighborhood. An underground boundary wire can send a signal to your pet’s collar and provide a correction if your dog gets too close to the line. 

You can design the boundary however you like. You can give your dog access to your entire property, or you can make certain areas, like your driveway and garden, off limits.

DogWatch of Western Massachusetts can install a hidden fence to protect your beloved pet. We can also teach you and your pet how the system works. 

We have a team of professionals who understand the training techniques that work best with canines. We use a combination of hand signals, verbal commands, flags near boundary lines, and other strategies to teach dogs where they are and are not allowed to go. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of using a hidden fence and to get a quote.