The Best Alternatives to Crate Training for Dogs and Puppies

A dog sitting in a metal crate

Crate or no crate? This is a big question in the doggy community. You’ll typically get a mixed set of responses from people and professionals about their opinions on crating dogs and puppies.

Many people turn to crates to help in the potty training and chewing phases. The idea is that if the dogs are in  the cage while you are not able to be around them, they can’t use the bathroom in the house or chew up your belongings.

There is also the reality is that dogs can still eliminate in the cage if they are left there for longer than they can hold it, and they can also be trained to use the outdoors to potty without having to be crated with just a little extra care and attention.

For those who are on the fence about which method to choose, here are the best alternatives to crate training dogs and puppies.

Take them with you

Taking your dog with you isn’t always an option. Thankfully many more events and places are becoming accepting of leashed dogs.

Especially if it’s an outdoor event and your dog has a good demeanor and is sociable, many people are more accepting than you might assume if you bring your dog in tow.

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Dog Watcher

Canines are truly man’s best friend. If you own a dog you know just how much they mean to you and your family. There is little difference between a dog and other family members in so many homes. So just like other humans, getting a sitter for the time you will be away is a logical choice.

Dog watchers can provide services like taking your dog for a walk while you are away for long work hours, or caring from them for extended time while you are on vacation.


Using gates to create a small usable space for a dog to roam in is one way to avoid having to use a crate. Areas like the kitchen, bathroom or living room might be too dangerous or expensive for a dog to potentially use as a playground or potty. You can easily restrict access by adding even baby gates to enclose the area.

For an improved modern twist on this method, DogWatch of Western Massachusetts offers a perfect solution for indoor dog containment: Pet Boundaries. Instead of gates, the solution relies on wireless technologies and a collar to keep your dog within a set limitation of space.

DogWatch of Western MA also provides professionals to create a dog training program that will help them to learn boundaries through voice commands and visual flags. Contact us to learn more!