An Effective Solution for Your Barking Dog

Barking is a normal behavior for dogs. Sometimes it’s helpful, such as when your dog lets you know that someone is approaching the house. Excessive barking, on the other hand, can cause stress and anxiety for your family and can lead to arguments with your neighbors. If your dog’s barking is out of control, a BarkCollar™ from DogWatch of Massachusetts can help solve the problem.

How a BarkCollar™ Works

A BarkCollar™ gives a dog a vibration or stimulation to distract it when it barks. Your pet will quickly learn to associate stimulation with barking. When the dog stops barking, the stimulation will cease. A BarkCollar™ can be used to train a dog that weighs as little as 4 pounds and a puppy that’s as young as 4 to 6 months old.

When attempting to modify your dog’s behavior, it’s important to minimize stress and discomfort to the animal. Our BarkCollar™ delivers a mild correction that’s designed to eliminate unwanted behavior without causing distress. 

It has seven settings that allow you to adjust the intensity of stimulation to suit your dog. You can start with a low setting and see how your pet responds. If the first setting you try isn’t enough to get your dog’s attention and modify its behavior, you can raise the setting until you find a level that’s effective.

How to Use a BarkCollar™ with Other Training Methods

Changing your pet’s behavior can take time. Dogs have different personalities. Some bark more than others, and some respond faster than others to interventions. If your dog is skittish and tends to bark at everything it sees or hears, changing that behavior might be challenging, but it can be done.

Using a combination of methods can be more effective than relying on one strategy alone. A BarkCollar™ can help reduce unwanted barking, but using it alongside positive reinforcement techniques can speed up the process. For instance, if your dog tends to bark whenever you come home, but it stops doing that while wearing the collar, you can use praise, petting, treats, and playtime to encourage your dog to repeat the desired behavior. 

Learn More and Get a Quote

One of our trainers can explain how the BarkCollar™ works, help you select an initial setting that’s appropriate for your dog, and give you advice on how to utilize the BarkCollar™ along with positive reinforcement to modify your dog’s behavior without causing it undue stress. Contact DogWatch of Massachusetts today to learn more and to get a quote.