4 Tips for Keeping Indoor Cats Comfortable

indoor cat containment

Cars, dogs, and wild animals can cause serious harm to cats, which is why it’s best to keep your pet feline indoors. Cats can be healthy and happy living inside a house, as long as they’re provided with opportunities to exercise and plenty of mental stimulation. 

Here are some tips to keep your indoor cat comfortable and content indoors.

Encourage Your Cat to Exercise

Being active is important for your cat’s physical and mental health. If they don’t exercise, cats can become overweight, anxious, and destructive. 

Purchase a variety of toys that will encourage your cat to run, jump, climb, and pounce. Those may include toys that your cat can bat around with its paws, a laser pointer with a light that your cat can chase, a piece of string that the cat can jump and reach for with its paws, and toys that will require your pet to solve a puzzle to access food inside. Switch the toys out regularly so your cat doesn’t get bored.

A cat tree is a structure that has several levels so a cat can jump and climb. It’s a great way to let your cat act on its natural impulses and get some exercise. Having your pet jump on a cat tree is also better for you than having it jump on your kitchen counters.

Let Your Cat See What’s Going on Outside

Cats are naturally curious, and they want to know what’s going on in the world around them. You don’t have to let your cat outside, but you can allow your pet to see what’s happening there. Let your cat sit or lie on a windowsill so it can watch people and cars pass down the street and see birds and other animals fly and run. Observing the scene outdoors can give your cat lots of mental stimulation.

Provide for Your Cat’s Physical Needs

Talk to your veterinarian about what type of food to feed your cat, how much, and how often. Make sure your pet has access to quality food and fresh water. Also be sure to clean the litter box regularly, especially if you have two or more felines who share a litter box. Not doing so may cause a cat to act out.

Use Indoor Pet Boundaries to Keep Your Cat out of Trouble

Cats like to explore, and they sometimes go places where they shouldn’t, such as in trash cans, on countertops, and on new furniture. It can be difficult to teach a curious and stubborn cat not to do what it wants to do. 

DogWatch sells indoor pet boundaries that you can use to keep your cat out of areas that you want to be off limits. You can block off small areas or entire rooms, depending on your needs. Contact us today to learn more.